Managing Depressurization - Last tips

In the case where you must have a large exhaust device, here are some tips to minimize the implications due to depressurization. The first recommendation would be to eliminate any spillage susceptible combustion appliance (eg. fireplace) as this resolves all issues.  If this is not an option, then, my suggestion would be to duct the required HRV from the kitchen (and bathrooms) and NOT install a kitchen range fan vented to outside.  The HRV would then be the kitchen exhaust….however, this is only an option if the range is electric and not propane.  


If the kitchen range is propane then TSSA requires a traditional kitchen exhaust fan.  If the range is electric and the HRV is managing the kitchen ventilation then only the clothing dryer has to be managed.  This can sometimes be achieved with an inexpensive Passive Fresh Air Intake…..rather than an expensive power makeup air system.  

In order to properly size a make up air system, we can perform an HRAI W-3 calculation to manage depressurization in your home.

July 07, 2015 by Matthew Pedersen
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