In total there are 7 different tables in the Ontario Building Code’s Supplementary Standard SB-12 that define the various compliance packages available to meet the energy efficiency standards for the province:


Table Table Table
Table Table Table



One of the tables, Table, only applies in the case that you are adding an addition to your house and clarifies what thermal efficiency (R-Values) you would need to have as a minimum for your addition.


If you are not just adding an addition, the next thing to consider is what zone your building will be in as defined in the Ontario Building Code.  Tables refer to Zone 1 and Tables refer to Zone 2.  The map below shows where the northern (Zone 2) and southern (Zone 1) Ontario regions are:

Once you have identified whether you are zone 1 or 2, the compliance tables are then classified by your furnace efficiency as well as whether you are electrically heated: 

  • >90% efficient (incl. solid fuel and earth energy systems) → Table A
  • 78-84% efficient (mid-efficient oil furnaces and boilers) → Table B
  • electrically heated homes → Table C

Have a good look at each of the tables as each package is to be chosen as a complete package for minimum efficiency performance.  It is not meant to mix and match the various options but to select which one suits your build and then to meet all of the minimum requirements listed in the vertical column of each package. 


Be careful to read the notes at the bottom of Table A.  Some packages only can be chosen under special conditions:

  • Package K only applies if you have ICF insulation in the foundation and above ground walls
  • Package L only applies if you have ICF insulation in the foundation walls
  • Package M only applies if you have a combined space heating and domestic hot water heating system