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Design HVAC Experts live up their name with more certifications and projects delivered than any other Eastern Ontario HVAC Design Firm. Applying the theory and principals driven by HRAI (Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada) and ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Engineers) our design services deliver ‘good engineering practices only’ without compromise. Building Code Compliance is mandatory but does not ensure comfort or energy efficiency. Our design services exceed building code without exceeding your budget.

Most Notable Credentials

Building Code Identification Number (BCIN):
Firm: 37479 (MAH Registry)
Designer: 25791*
*Discontinued, operating only under Firm number as of year 2015.
Residential Air System Design Technician (RASDT): 1931
Residential Hydronic Design Technician (RHDT): 1931
OBOA – Designer Legal Process (building code)
OBOA – HVAC House (building code)
OBOA – Building Service (building code)
HRAI - Residential Mechanical Ventilation Installation
HRAI - Residential Mechanical Ventilation Design
HRAI - Residential Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations
HRAI - Residential Air System Design
HRAI - Residential Commissioning
HRAI - Residential Integrated Combo Systems
HRAI - Residential Radiant Hydronics Design
HRAI - Small Commercial Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations
HRAI - Small Commercial Air System Design
CGC - Geothermal Installation Accreditation
CGC - Geothermal Design Accreditation
CGC - DX Geothermal Installation Certification
LG - Air Conditioning Academy – Multi-V, Sync II
Wirsbo - Wirsbo Level 1 – Hydronic Training


Matt Pedersen
Henry Maier
Jeff Yu
Barbara Walsh

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