Heat Loss: A calculation which determines the maximum amount of heat (Btu/h or KW) that is required to condition a building based on the outdoor winter design temperature. The outdoor winter design temperatures are established in section of the 2012 Ontario Building Code.

Heat Gain: A calculation which determines the optimum amount of cooling (Btu/h or Tons) that is required to best manage temperature (sensible) and humidity (latent) of a building including considerations for solar gains through windows and internal heat gains from people and appliances.

Requesting a Heat Loss Heat Gain (HLHG) calculation is easy!

To start please fill out the form below and we will quote you a price. Once the form is filled in for the first address you may enter additional addresses. Our calculations come with a full warranty*; should the form require a revision at a later date this update is included in the original fee.

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*HLHG Calculations have a full warranty provided later revisions do not require us to start over due to radical design changes.

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*from the 2012 Ontario Building Code

Heat Loss Heat Gain Calculation