Permit Services:

  • Mechanical Ventilation Reporting - For municipal applications and occupancies permits. Mechanical Ventilation Design Summary Forms for City of Ottawa Building Permits.
  • Energy Efficiency Design SummariesFor municipal applications and occupancies permits.  A form to demonstrate the energy efficiency design of your building complies with the building code.

Design Services:

  • Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations - Establishing the maximum heating or cooling load of any dwelling.
  • Building Envelope Heat Loss - Ideal for GeoExchange or Eco-energy Retrofit Rebate submissions.
  • Air System Design & Layout - Development of drawings for seamless installation & as-built retention.
  • Radiant Loop Design - Optimizes in-floor hydronic loops for maximum comfort and cost control.
  • Mechanical Ventilation Design - Sizing, calculating and illustrating HRV’s, ERV’s and In-Line Fans.
  • Commercial Heat Loss & Gain Calculations - Establishing the maximum heating and cooling loads.
  • Commercial Air System Design - Ensuring effective distribution without occupant discomfort.
  • Commercial Ventilation Design - Effective and efficient air exchange and code compliance.
Heat Loss Heat Gain Calculation MVDS EEDS