IMPORTANT NOTICE:  As of October 1, 2020 the City of Ottawa is advancing their Mechanical review and inspection requirements, which will affect your permit process.  The MVDS form is being replaced with a Mechanical Design Report (MDR).   Along with the new MDR Form a Full Mechanical Design is required, which includes but not limited to, heat loss/gain calculation, duct layout and design, radiant layout and design, ventilation layout and design.  Any questions about the program should be re-directed to the City.  buildingpermits@ottawa.ca or call:  613-580-2424 x29312


Along with an Application for a Permit to Construct, municipalities within Ontario may require a Residential Mechanical Ventilation Record (W2) form to be completed by a Certified Design Firm. The one page form is intended to ensure that the Ontario Building Code’s 2012 minimum ventilation requirements are being achieved. One W2 form is required for each dwelling unit (apartment, house, semi, civic address).

Requesting a W2 form(s) is easy!

To start please fill out the form below. It is ideal if you have one mechanical ventilation specification going into one or multiple units/addresses. Once the form is filled in for the first address (or unit) you may enter additional addresses (or units) to which this same specification applies. Our forms come with a full warranty; should the form require a revision at a later date this update is included in the original fee.

$100.00 each + $50.00 per additional form (CAD)

One Dwelling Unit Per Form

Residential Dwellings Only

If you have any questions regarding this process please call our office. 1-877-522-4822 x203.

Ontario-wide FormOntario Residential Mechanical Ventilation Design Summary Form